Several key points for correct maintenance of Zeiss three-dimensional measuring instrument


2023-04-11 15:41

1. Select the storage environment
First of all, the key to maintaining the Zeiss three-dimensional measuring instrument is the selection and creation of its storage environment. Generally speaking, we should avoid electromagnetic interference and various temperature environments that exceed the standard line. These factors will be harmful to all parts of the Zeiss three-dimensional equipment. Generally, under the guidance of professionals, the storage environment of Zeiss 3D should be relatively dry and comfortable.

2. Do a good job in maintenance management planning
Of course, the maintenance and management of Zeiss 3D should be started by an experienced and careful person. It is very important to carefully maintain Zeiss 3D and formulate operating authority specifications under his leadership. It is worth mentioning that Zeiss three-dimensional brand owners will also provide such professional guidance and practical support.

3. Avoid non-standard operation of core components
The core components of Zeiss 3D are all highly sophisticated components, so we should avoid irregular operations in these places during maintenance, because the core components of Zeiss 3D are well protected during installation and operation, so Proper maintenance is to eliminate all kinds of interfering elements outside the CMM.


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