The era of electric vehicles has arrived? The core competitiveness of this game is very clear, and there is not much that can be done!


2023-04-11 15:42

The electric vehicle market is becoming more and more fierce. On the one hand, the continuous advancement of technology will foster the feasibility of the future development of Lianli EMUs. On the other hand, electric vehicles can reduce a lot of economic pressure on people. For energy saving and environmental development There is a major effect of chasing persimmons off. However, electric vehicle technology is still developing. Although there are small problems, there is still a long way to go for the all-electric era.

From the outside, electric vehicles are nothing more than changing the engine and gearbox of a combustion vehicle into batteries and motors. They used to consume oil, but now they consume electricity. But this change has changed the changes in automobile products and the future automobile industry chain, and the most critical of these is the issue of core competitiveness.

Modification of whole parts of the car center

After removing the symbol and brand value of a car, the power and design are the most worthy of recognition. In terms of power, 60% of the most important determining factors of fuel car products are reflected in the engine and gearbox. Expensive automotive products often mean more powerful power systems, which will inevitably require more expensive power system costs. In electric vehicles, the motor can achieve high performance in the traditional sense on models for the general public, and take into account high efficiency. This means that it is very difficult to make a huge difference in the technology of electric vehicles.

Withdrawal products will be redefined

The three major parts of a combustion vehicle: engine, gearbox, and chassis will disappear in electric vehicles, and the supply of engines and gearboxes will be hundreds of thousands, which means These suppliers either undergo transformation to adapt to vehicle changes, or switch industries to explore new fields. In the exploratory stage, a large part of the electric vehicle supply chain is composed of new battery and electromechanical suppliers. More importantly - because the battery will become the most important part of the vehicle, it will also occupy the highest cost of the vehicle (at this stage), so the price of the vehicle product will now increase . When talking about Ci Zhai, compared with the engine technology tightly controlled by the major car companies in the past, the battery technology was killed by the battery factory, and car companies generally lack battery technology capabilities. That is, the battery, as the most core component, can hardly become the moat of the core competitiveness of major car companies in the short term. The demand is controlled by battery suppliers, and there are many cases where major car companies use the same battery. , In this case, the profitability of car companies is reduced.

As for the emergence of this situation, the major car companies are also expected. Faced with the situation that product differentiation is getting smaller and smaller and profitability is declining, the final analysis is the change of core components. In the face of the situation that the price of the traditional power system cannot be changed more, it is even more necessary to find a new value breakthrough.

At this stage, we need to pay attention to issues such as battery life and charging

Today's electric vehicles are still inferior to combustion vehicles in terms of battery life. Although there are already some models on the market that can reach 600km+ battery life, on the one hand, the price is very high, and on the other hand, the use of batteries remains to be seen. Real battle to test. In this regard, it is said that silkworms have to learn from it, and in terms of batteries, they have achieved a single system installation for interchanging electricity and battery swaps, and provided a very high-quality charging and swapping service system.

A major feature of Zhibo is that all products of Zhibo support battery replacement, which means that the battery pack of each car in Zhibo can be replaced repeatedly, which effectively solves the problem of battery usage and consumption. The common point is that the car batteries in the future may be small pieces. After the defective battery is detected, the defective battery can be replaced directly.

Enhance the uniqueness of the brand and form unique competitiveness

At this stage, the unique features of electric vehicles are Tesla and Weibo. The two have different core competitiveness. Tesla's competitiveness is highlighted in its intelligent driving technology and its three-electric technology. In terms of battery management system, Tesla is undoubtedly the leader. It is a simple technical task to reconcile batteries (battery packs) with different chemical characteristics. In this regard, Tesla battery monitoring and maintenance It is very perfect, no matter it is charging or discharging, it has a perfect protection mechanism, and its foresight in battery management also brings Tesla an advantage over other brands of super charging stations.

Weibo also adopts the three-electric technology for cars. Weibo has upgraded the battery pack of the same size twice in three years, from 70kWh to 84kWh and then to 100kWh with CTP technology, which improves the capacity density and helps the hardware of existing models. And the mileage is continuously upgraded; in terms of motors, the self-produced synchronous motors and induction motors are used in the ES6 and the new ES8. The technical combination of other motors has achieved high efficiency and performance, and demonstrated its technology mature. In terms of hardware, NIO OS includes NIO Pilot, FOTA, smart cockpit and other hardware capabilities, which greatly improves the user experience.

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